Insurance Companies Offering The Best Health Plans And Coverages

If you are currently faced with a dilemma of choosing between health insurance plans that would best serve you, you are actually in an ideal state. Having a sense of taking charge of your health is something not all adults are doing when they should. If you are perusing over the best choices for you because your employer is asking for your choice, know that you are in a good company already. But to help you with the decision you are about to make, allow us to present to you some of the best insurance companies with their best options for you.


If you are in the United States, one of the best-identified medicare providers is Aetna. It currently has an impressive list of 43 Aetna Medicare Advantage plans that are sold and offered in 37 states. You should know that the District of Columbia has actually received top NCQA ratings noting standouts in Connecticut and Maine. At present, Aetna Medicare Advantage is now available in 264 new counties across the U.S., resulting in more Medicare beneficiaries with access to its health plan. Your financial advisors will most likely encourage you to get one after you have secured your primary health insurance.


If you are the traveling type, always moving across America, going for Blue Cross/Blue Shield can be the best fit for you. This company is recognized in all 50 states, and at least 96% of hospitals and 95% of doctors and specialists are in contract with the Blue Cross Blue Shield companies. While other insurers might be best in the local area, Blue cross is still widely recognized. The way it goes, if you plan to consult with your financial advisor about your medicare plans, it is best to disclose the nature of your job and all your other plans.


Consider this company and their health plans if you are the traveling kind not only across America but even across the world. Cigna Health Insurance is recognized internationally and also has a wide range of options for your needs. The company serves at least 170 million customers and counting. This company has a global network of at least 1.5 million healthcare professionals and access to doctors in more than 200 countries. If their system is not enough to impress you, know that they have more than 70,000 employees who will attend to you to provide the necessary services you need and in 170 or more languages. Not only that, this company just grew bigger and better with its recent merger with Express Scripts.


Also important to consider in choosing the best company and health insurance plan for you is knowing your priorities and essentials. Some health insurance policies usually don’t cover expenses for getting eye check-ups and eyeglasses and contacts or any dental plans and others. Humana, though, is known for its broadness and focus more on health and well-being. The company also sells private policies in all these areas with a range of plans specific to people living with chronic conditions also. It even includes transitions from a hospital stay to home care and meal delivery, which is often necessary too. Best about Humana is also their featured plans they offer, especially for those who need policies serving those with a severe or disabling chronic condition or living in an institution.


Kaiser Foundation Health Plans is a nonprofit insurer that won stellar ratings as a private insurance provider. Although known best for their HMO, the company was also chosen among the companies for the quality of its Medicare Advantage plans. In case you are wondering about the difference between Medicare Advantage and an HMO, it is as simple as the former can choose medical practitioners outside its plan, unlike the later that you have to choose among its professionals. This means that if you have a specific doctor in mind, making sure whether he is covered with the plan that you are getting is critical.


In their latest annual survey, United Healthcare Services Inc. found out that almost 40% of consumers go online to look for health care and the best health insurance plans. And that is precisely what the company aims to satisfy consumers in their primary medium to access health care. United encourages consumer-driven digital health care, and they are all about wearable technology. There is even technology used to monitor and manage sugar level and baby monitors to attend to a high-risk baby remotely. Best about this tech-savvy company is that it offers a full spectrum of health benefit programs for individuals, employers, and Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. It also grows a network of more than 1.3 million physicians and care professionals, as well as 6,500 hospitals and other care facilities nationwide.

Based on Materials from Investopedia