Celebrities That Are Surprisingly Alive Today

Many of us have a certain perception of what celebrities look like. This usually stays in our mind for a long time and we often feel surprised to see how they actually look at the present. Often too, we forget that they get old and drastically change. Other times, they slowly step back from the limelight that we wonder if they are still actually alive or not. After all, Hollywood news would only include the trending and relevant ones. Online news sites and tabloids have long forgotten the Hollywood Golden era. What happened to these stars? Did they make investments? What did they do after retirement? Let’s take a look at the ones who are still alive today and what they’ve done these past few years.

William Shatner – 89

William Shatner is adored by many Star Trek fanatics for playing Captain James. He developed a love-hate relationship with this fame but he easily attended a number of early Star Trek conventions. However, he eventually stopped going to these conventions and made an effort to distance himself from the character. In 2011, he reprised his role as Kirk but only as a voice actor by recording an alarm message for the Space Shuttle Discovery.

He also appeared in many projects. The TV series Rescue 911 (1989 – 1996) hosted by Shatner won the people’s Choice Award. He won two Emmy Awards as a lawyer for Denny crane in the last season of the legal drama “The Practice “. He also recorded nine music albums including “Ponder the Mystery” “Why Not Me.” He may have needed his divorce lawyers often but he is living a good life.

Jacqueline White – 97

Jacqueline White is one of the few actresses, who made a huge impact with just a few projects on the screen. As a matter of fact, she reportedly has under 10 years of experience in the industry but she is still remembered until today. She was discovered by a casting director during her drama class at the University of California in Los Angeles, then starred in her first film “song of Russia.”

White got married in 1948. She soon stepped away from the limelight in the ’50s, moved to Wyoming with her husband (who started an oil business) and had four sons and a daughter. Her last film project was The Narrow Margin. She then made a few appearances during the annual film TCM Classic Film Festival in 2013. She is now 97 years old and probably living off her retirement investments.

Janet Jackson – 54

Janet Jackson has been part of the popular culture, thanks to her many talents. She is famously known as a singer, songwriter, and dance, but she is also an occasional actress. She has made a name for her “sonically innovative, socially conscious, and provocative” songs and stage shows. This epoch-making pop singer has attained 10 Hot 100 number-one singles, 16 Hot R&B number-one singles, 20 Hot Dance/Club Play number-one singles.

Although she first became a part of The Jacksons in 1976, she created her own career path, and it was a successful one. In 1982, she signed a recording contract with A&M Records that paved the way for her to become a pop icon after her third and fourth studio album’s successful release. ‘Unbreakable’、’Discipline’ and many excellent works have gradually appeared in the public vision. She had sold over 100 million records, getting credits for being one of the world’s best-selling music artists of all time.

Christopher Walken – 77

Christopher Walken is a familiar face on-screen. He is considered as one of the most highly seasoned actors. With more than 130 acting credits to his name, it’s no surprise that he has earned a number of awards with some of his brilliant performances. In 1978, he won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for The Deer Hunter. In 2002, he won a BAFTA for Catch Me If You Can.

Of course, he’s also been nominated a number of times and won many more others. Because of his neurotic charm, he can turn around evil in a flash. He is good at playing geeks, psychopaths and villains, like Robert in “The Comfort of Strangers”, J-Man in “Envy.” He’s acted opposite big names such as Johnny Depp, Natalie Wood, and Michelle Pfeiffer. His last appearance was in Irreplaceable You, which aired on Netflix in 2018.

Shecky Greene – 94

Shecky Greene is a famous comedian known for his elaborate performances and great humor. He captivated his audience in the ’50s performing in nightclubs in Las Vegas. When he started to gain fame, he furthered his career by appearing in both films and series like Tony Rome, Splash, Mad About You, and Combat! Unfortunately, Greene suffered from panic attacks and stage fright in 2003 and was unable to perform for nearly six years until we saw him again on the Las Vegas stage in 2009.

He got married to Marie Musso in 1985, and they are still together up until today. Shecky’s last television appearance was in a Vintage Los Angeles TV documentary back in 2014. Shecky is currently 94 years old. He was recently inducted to the National Comedy Hall of Fame Museum in Holiday, Florida. We think he had a good money management system in place to have retired with no issues with finances.

Julie Andrews – 84

Julie Andrews is not just a brilliant actress. She’s also a successful author and singer. In 1963, Andrews appeared as a famous Magic Nanny in the Disney Music Film Mary Poppins, which made him a success internationally. She is one of the best-looking actresses of all time, and at the age of 84, she still looks stunning. Andrews credits the hit movies Camelot and My Fair Lady as stepping stones to her success.

In 2002, she became part of the BBC 100 Greatest Britons. She was also given the honor of a Dame in 2000. On top of this, she also won five Golden Globes, BAFTA, three Grammys, and the SAG Lifetime Achievement Award. She isn’t slowing down in the career front. In fact, she recently voiced the character Karathen in Aquaman back in 2018. She also appeared and co-created a Netflix series called Julie’s Greenroom.

Gavin Macleod – 89

Gavin MacLeod rose to fame after portraying Hulagu Khan in the popular movie The Sword of Ali Baba. This was soon followed by another hit film A Man Called Gannon, where he acted as Anthony Franciosa. Macleod never played a good guy in TV and movies for 13 years until  Murray on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”. He started thinking of retirement after portraying Captain Merrill Stubing in the hit TV sitcom The Love Boat.

When he stepped back from the limelight, he dedicated most of his time preaching the Gospel and participating in Christian activities. He was the spokesman for “Princess Cruises”. We believe he had his insurance in place in time for his retirement years. In the 2015 Rose Parade, fans of the hit TV series saw him alongside other cast members, which was definitely nostalgic for all their fans.

Gladys Knight – 76

Gladys Knight was an all-around performer with a long-standing career in singing and performing. She was even called the Empress of Soul. She started performing and earning at a young age. In fact, she is the lead singer of her own band, Gladys Knight & The Pips. It was here that she began to become famous. Her songs  Midnight Train to Georgia are still being played on until today.

In 2019, she joined The Masked Singer, performed songs like “Chandelier”, “Locked Out of Heaven””What’s Love Got to Do with It” which even placed third! Her momentum of success seemed to continue even at the age of 76. Both her beauty and her age seemed ageless. Knight was married four times and had three children. Someone like Knight should get a financial advisor to help manage funds, especially that she’s started earning at a young age.

Hal Holbrook – 95

Hal Brook is a talented actor, television director, and critically acclaimed writer.  In fact, he is considered a genius having pulled off a one-man stage show while he was still in college at Denison University. His show called Mark Twain Tonight was lauded by many critics and his portrayal of the titular character received a Tony Award. Later, he became internationally famous for playing Deep Throat in the 1976 film ” All the President’s Men”.

In his years in the industry, he’s received a number of credits for his outstanding performances and works. As a matter of fact, he won five Primetime Emmy Awards and endless nominations according to Wikipedia. You may have seen him on some critically-acclaimed TV series such as  NCIS, The West Wing, The Sopranos, ER, Bones, Grey’s Anatomy, and Hawaii Five-0 recently. In September 2017, 60 years after playing Mark Twain, he decided to retire from the solo show Tom Tonight.

June Lockhart – 95

Performing on stage, particularly Broadway seemed to run in the blood of the Lockharts. This goes true with June too. In fact, June Lockhart once won a Tony Award. Her father, Gene Lockhart, was also a Broadway star while her mother was also into acting. Did you know that her grandfather was also into performing arts, too? He was actually a concert singer back in the days. It seems that the family has some sort of artistic passion one way or the other.

While she didn’t finish her college degree, she still turned out very successful as an actress. Lockhart is best known for her role as a TV mom. From 1958 to 1964, she played Timmy Martin’s mother in the 1950s CBS series “Lacey”. As a matter of fact, he has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her outstanding performances on TV and film. Now, at 95, she’s still gorgeous and amazing.

Janis Paige – 97

Janis Paige is one of the few surviving actresses in the Golden Age of Hollywood. According to Wikipedia, she started singing at the age of 5 in amateur shows around town. After high school, she was invited to perform at the Hollywood Canteen, where she was discovered by a Warner Bros. agent. The United States Army Air Forces then dubbed her as their Black Widow Girl.

After her role in “Two Gals and a Guy (1951)”, she decided to leave Hollywood and started her Broadway career and was popular with the public. Later on, she was inducted at the Hollywood Walk of Fame and is considered one of the most prolific actresses of all time. While she is now retired and living her retirement investments in private, she’s last seen in an episode of Family Law back in  2001.

Loretta Lynn – 88

Loretta Lynn never imagined becoming a huge country music artist. However, when her former husband Oliver Lynn bought her a guitar, she became one. Did you know that she didn’t take any formal guitar lessons? Yes, she is one of the few ones, who achieved stardom without any formal lesson. In fact, no other female country singer has won the number of awards she has collected from the Country Music Association and The Academy of Country Music.

Lynn started singing at the local club in the late 1950s, releasing her first Decca single, “Success,” in 1962, and a series of top 10 singles continued into the 1970s. She’s now 88 years old and looking stunning for her age. While she suffered from a stroke back in 2017, she made a comeback a year later. For cases like this, it is always nice to be covered with good health insurance.

Debby Boone – 63

Debby Boone is as famous as her song You Light Up My Life. The song topped the charts in 1977 and remained in the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. She received several credits throughout her career including a Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 1978. With the cross success of “You Light Up My Life” and “God Knows / Baby,I’m You’s”, Boone began to focus on country music.

She is one of the few artists who greatly contributed to country music with her sixth album Savin It Up. Not only that, but she is also a great contributor to Contemporary Christian Music. She has released a number of successful albums including Surrender (1983), Chooses Life (1985), Friends for Life (1987), Be Thou My Vision (1989), and Reflections of Rosemary (2005). She still looks good given when she’s 63 years old already.

Warren Beatty – 83

Warren Beatty is a renowned director who takes pride in being a 15-time Academy Award nominee. He actually won the Best Director Award for Reds. He started out in the 1961 movie Splendor in the Grass, which was the stepping he needed to launch his career. He wasn’t just a director though. He is a talented man, taking other roles in production such as writing, producing, and acting. In fact, he wrote, produced, and starred in the 2016 rom-com film Rules Don’t Apply.

From the social drama splendor “Splendor in the Grass” to the political satire “Bulworth” in 1998, he’s received numerous credits to his name, eight of his films have won 53 Oscar nominations.  Although Beatty was previously notorious for his extensive romantic relationships, with more than 100 female celebrities said to have dated him, he and his wife, Annette Benning, have been married for 28 years and have four children since 1992

Ann Margret – 79

Ann Margret had a very long career, spanning five decades as a singer and actress. She was born in Sweden and had many acting credits to her name, including Five Golden Globes,two Oscars, two Grammys, a Screen Actors Guild Award and six Emmy Awards. In 1961, Margret started her singing career with her first album ” And Here She Is:Ann-Margret” and soon became known as “female Elvis”. After her career gained rapid attention, Margret not only developed her singing talent.

The versatile star has everything from serious drama to comedy to concerts and musicals. She has more than 55 films. Some of her notable performances include Tommy, Grumpy Old Men, Viva Las Vegas, and Bye Bye Birdie. There were stories before saying that she was dating the rock and roll icon, Elvis Presley. These speculations rose after the filmed Viva Las Vegas. However, Margret never confirmed the speculation until now. She was famous in the 1960s for being elegant, exquisite and sexy and she is now 79 years old.


Joyce DeWitt started her career at the young age of 13. She spent some time to focus on her studies, and later on, started accepting more roles until she landed her breakthrough role in Three’s Company, where she portrayed Janet Wood. She still worked as a legal secretary at the same time, going to auditions. Months go by when ABC offered her two comedy pilots but only give her one day to decide which project she would do.

After acting, she ventured into producing and directing but failed to make the same success she had with her previous career. Her last reported part was in the film The Savant, released in 2018. She is famous, but she did not care about the publicity. After that, Joyce seemed to have stepped back from the limelight. At the age of 71, she looks great. Good money management usually helps in staying stress-free in your retirement years.

Suzanne Somers – 73

Suzanne Somers wasn’t just recognized for one talent. She’s known for her skills in acting, singing, dancing, and writing. She rose to fame when she appeared on the hit TV show Three’s Company (A stiff, stupid blonde Chrissy Snow) which ran in the ’70s and ’80s. This was followed by several more projects including She’s the Sheriff and Nothing Personal. She seemed to be very comfortable in the limelight. At the age of 19, she married and had a son, although the marriage lasted only three years.

In 2015, 69-year-old Somers joined ‘Dancing with the Stars’ and won the ninth place. On her 73rd birthday, Somers posted a controversial picture of herself on Instagram, which fans praised for her confidence and success, or whether it was “bad taste” or “too old”. For someone so active given her age, it would be best to have insurance in place to secure both her health and wealth at the same time.

Richard Simmons – 72

Richard Simmons is one of the famous faces during the ’90s. He is well-known for his eccentric, flamboyant and energetic attitude. Simmons actually became famous as a fitness instructor. His signature costumes are candy striped dolphin shorts and Swarovski Crystal waistcoat. Yes, he has released a number of fitness tapes called Sweatin to the Oldies promoting healthy living through his aerobic routines. While you rarely see him now on TV, he is still alive and well up to this day.

However, he had decided to step back from the limelight. The last notable news made about him was when he needed the help of his lawyers against a private investigator for allegedly placing a tracking device on his vehicle. It sounds like he still lives a colorful life at the age of 72. It’s worth mentioning that you can see Simmons’ video on YouTube, which helps people adapt to life at home during the covid-19 pandemic.

Loretta Swit – 82

Loretta Swit rose to fame with her incredible performance as Major Margaret “Hot Lips” Houlihan in the hit TV show M*A*S*H. Her performance was so brilliant that she earned two Emmy Awards for her role. In 2016, Loretta talked about how she was different from the role that made her a global star. “I must admit, I never did. What I had in common was Margaret’s ambition, strength, and feminism.”

Before landing the spotlight, she studied drama with Gene Frankel in Manhattan. Later on, she was considered an acting coach, who would regularly return to speak with other aspiring actors. She is also a great singer having trained at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Some of her film credits include Race with the Devil, Hawaii Five-O, Bonanza, and Diagnosis: Murder. At over 80 years old, she is still seen attending dance lessons in New York.

Gene Hackman – 90

Gene Hackman became famous after portraying the role of Buck Barrow in the blockbuster movie Bonnie and Clyde. He earned a nomination for an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor for this role. Later on, he became one of the most notable actors in the industry. In more than 60 years of career, he has countless film credits to his name and has earned himself two Academy Awards, four Golden Globes, one SAG Award and two BAFTAs. He won the awards for his brilliant performance on The French Connection.

Aside from acting, he also ventured into writing and even released a number of thee, such as Justice for None, Pursuit, and Payback at Morning Peak. He retired in 2017 after his last project as a narrator in the TV documentary, We, the Marines. We remember his classic sayings “The difference between a hero and a coward is one step sideways.”We may never see him on screen again, but as he says “he just hopes to be remembered as a decent actor.”

Al Pacino – 80

Al Pacino may be one of the most iconic actors of all time. He has a lot of film credits to his name, appearing in a number of advertisements as well. He is not just a successful actor with over five decades of experience. Each of his characters is vivid. The Godfather’s cold-blooded, ruthless, intelligent and resolute Michael Corleone; strong, fearless, brave and eager for power Tony Montana in “Scarface”; moody, emotional and perhaps selfish Frank Slade in “Scent Of A Woman”.

He is also a filmmaker, too. In fact, he starred and directed the 2000 film Chinese Coffee. He’s earned a number of honors and awards for his brilliant performances. He debuted his career in Looking for Richard, and since then, had been receiving major roles and projects. While he is now 80 years old, he has no sign of stopping from accepting film roles. In February 2020, Pacino starred as Meyer Offerman in television series “Hunters”.

Lee Majors – 81

Lee Majors is still active in the film industry at the age of 81. While he did have minor breaks now and then, he would still appear on film and television from time to time. He rose to fame by appearing in the hit The Big Valley series back in the ’60s. Later on, he portrayed Steve Austin in The Six Million Dollar Man back in the ’70s. He started earning big afterward. In fact, his estimated net worth at this point is around $15 million.

With this fortune, he may have made a few investments around. A few years back he appeared in Ash vs Evil Dead and Thunderbirds Are Go. Compared with his rich film and television works, Majors’ marriage life is also very tortuous. Among them, his marriage to Charlie’s Angels star Farrah Fawcet is the most famous. Their meeting benefited from the intervention of his ex-wife’s public relations personnel, but ended up separated due to major’s scandal. Finally, the two had a 40 minute call to say goodbye when Fawcet died.

Tina Turner – 80

Tina Turner certainly secured her name in Hollywood. Even some of the younger audience knows her. Turner’s signature voice and killer dance moves helped her sell more than 200 million records in a decade. Although Turner’s marriage with Ike Turner is terrible (the Oscar nominated movie “What’s Love Got To It With It” is a true portrayal) , she met the other half of her life – a man willing to give a kidney for himself, Erwin Bach.

She is now considered one of the top pop icons of the century. What’s Love Got To Do With It may be her most famous song. Until today, that’s being played on the radio. She is now 80 years old, trying to keep a healthy lifestyle despite some health scares in the past. We bet she has good insurance in place should any health issues arise again.

Barbara Eden – 88

Barbara Eden rose to fame when she portrayed Jeannie in the sitcom I Dream of Jeannie that aired from 1965 to 1970. It’s been 55 years since Barbara Eden as the Sexy goblin in “I Dream of Jeannie.” She celebrated the special day in a unique way – Barbara replayed the show’s first episode titled, “The Lady in a Bottle,”fans were thrilled by this special gift.She was considered an ultimate feminine symbol back in the days.

Later on, she published a memoir that she aptly labeled Jeannie Out of the Bottle. There, the actress discussed intimate things about her personal life. For one, she talked about how she managed the loss of her only son Matthew Ansara to an overdose on drugs. With what happened to her son, we believe she has her insurance in place should something unexpected happen. At the age of 88, she is still looking fresh and stunning.

Loni Anderson – 74

Anderson was born on August 5, 1946. Although she was only a small role in the movie ‘Nevada Smith’, the wise, mature, intelligent and eloquent Jennifer in ‘WKRP in Cincinnati’ doubled the value of the blonde star, and her marriage to Burt Reynolds in 1988 made her the focus of attention. Later on, she appeared in other different TV shows during the ’70s and ’80s. In the late 1980s, Anderson’s acting career gradually declined. Especially the film Stroker Ace (1983), which she co-starred with her ex-husband Burt Reynolds.

In any case, she’s focused and down-to-earth. Can you believe she’s 75 now. Her career, even her personal life, has been on the headlines for years. Anderson puts health and overall well-being at the top of her list, especially as a proud grandmother. She has been out of the screen since she concentrated on helping her daughter recover and is now living a happy, private life.

Ali Macgraw – 81

Ali MacGraw became a huge hit in Goodbye, Columbus back in 1969. She captivated the audience and the whole industry with her gorgeous looks and brilliant acting skills. The film actually earned her a Golden Globe. However, her success had plateaued for some reason. It was never figured out why she slowly faded by the late ’90s. However, MacGraw tried to make a comeback on her career but through another platform. She performed on Broadway in Festen back in 2006.

Looking back on her career, we can call her a ’70s Icon In The ’80s. Unfortunately, MacGraw ended her acting career In the 1990s. She began to practice yoga, wrote an autobiography, ‘Moving Pictures,’Today, 81-year-old MacGraw is not only a keynote speaker for the Hermitage Artist Retreat’s Muse Luncheon, but also an animal rights activist. Her last appearance was in a short documentary titled Passion & Poetry in 2017. We hope she’s set aside more than enough retirement investment to enjoy her late years.

Mel Brooks – 94

Mel Brooks was born in 1926, as an American director, writer, actor, comedian, producer and compose, He is one of the few ones, who became a part of the EGOT list. Along with him are artists, who have completed all of the most coveted honors in the entertainment industry including Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony. Yes, all these credits were given to him and he seemed reluctant to fully retire at the age of 94.

From a stand-up comedian playing piano at the ‘Borscht Belt’ resorts, his first Broadway musical ‘Shinbone Alley’ was born in 1957. In 1961, Brooks released a comedy album titled ‘2000 Years with Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks.’ In 1967, he directed his first film ‘The Producers.’ In the end, he became a famous director with many international awards. All his life, Brooks has been trying new contents and breaking through himself.

Rebecca De Mornay – 60

Rebecca De Mornay was one of the most sought-after actresses back in the ’80s. She mostly appeared in action films after her brilliant performances in Runaway Train and Risky Business.  Started from an “it girl” in ‘One from the Heart’, then starred as a “call girl” in the ‘Risky Business’ with Tom Cruise. In fact, she’s been portraying Dorothy Walker in Jessica Jones TV series since 2015. With the success of this film, her career also soared

Since her first screen show in 1981, De Mornay has challenged a variety of roles. No matter whether she succeeds or not, the audience has seen her charming. At the age of 60, she has a net worth of $11 million, which we hope has been managed well by a financial advisor. We are still waiting for news if she will reprise her role for the following seasons.

Jim Brown – 84

James Nathaniel “Jim” Brown has become a celebrity of some sort. Technically though, he is an NFL player and is considered one of the best of all time, 12,312 rushing yards and 106 touchdowns. Current players today still look up to him for his skills on the field. He stayed with the Cleveland Browns as a running back for nine years. By 1971, he was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

After he retired from playing, he pursued another career, one that pays well, too. For a retired athlete, action movies are the best choice. Brown appeared in many actions and adventure films like ‘Leading man’、’ Blaxploitation’, his perfect performance in ‘Dirty Dozen’ led him to a multi-film deal with MGM, which was popular in that decade and influenced current directors such as Quentin Tarantino. Now, 84-year-old Brown Is turning his attention to civil rights.

Cloris Leachman – 94

Cloris Leachman is a successful actress and comedian. She’s been working for more than seven decades. She defied her age when she signed up for Dancing with the Stars back in 2008. She was 82 years old at that time. Now at 94, Leachman has more than 200 acting credits to her name with no plans of stopping. Throughout her career, she’s won eight Primetime Emmy Awards, a Daytime Emmy Award, and an Academy Award.

You can see her not only in a coming-of-age drama film: a romantic, sunny but lonely Ruth Popper, but in the landmark CBS sitcom ‘The Mary Tyler Moore Show’, a nosy and cunning landlady Phyllis Lindstrom. Most often, on talk shows, she is occasionally asked to be quiet so that other guests can join in. Leachman’s voice-acting is also impressive, the evil witch mother in ‘My Little Pony: The Movie’, most popularly as the sky pirate Dola in ‘Castle in the Sky.’

Diane Baker – 82

Diane Baker got a good head start to her career in films. She had her big break in The Diary of Anne Frank movie back in the late ’50s. Although she has retired from acting, she is considered one of the best Hollywood has seen. In fact, she’s achieved a list of impressive film credits. Quiet, obedient, demure, frail Margot Frank in ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’; a pretty Hitchcock brunette Lil Mainwaring in ‘Marnie’.

Baker is not only a good Hollywood actor, but also a good teacher. She spent more than a decade teaching acting at the Academy of Art University (The largest private art and design school in the US), Baker was the executive director of the school’s Film and Television Academy and its Acting Academy. Her last film project was in 2013 for The Surrogate. She also took part in a documentary titled  A Face in the Dark: Diane Baker on Mirage.


Michael Caine is one of the most familiar faces from Hollywood’s Golden Age. Caine is an English actor that has had a successful career so far. In his years in the business, he has also become a producer and author. He has many accolades to his name, including an Academy Award for Hannah and Her Sisters. In fact, Caine was awarded the Commander of the Order of the British Empire because of his services to cinema in the 1992 Queen’s Birthday Honours List.

So far, the legendary actor has appeared in a number of famous films, such as Interstellar, Dunkirk, Kingsman: The Secret Service, and 2018’s King of Thieves. He has also made more than 100 film appearances. He has a photographic memory and speaks French fluently, which helps him in many dramatic roles. Despite a lucrative career, he has reportedly been selling some of his properties in the past, making us think that he is into real estate investments as a sideline.


Angela Lansbury was given the honorific title Dame by the Queen of Great Britain, Elizabeth II. This was for her contribution to the film industry. While she’s born in London, she moved to the U.S. with her family at the beginning of WWII. She experienced a big break in her career soon after, around 1943. While she needed the help of a lawyer when she separated from her former husband, she’d been blessed with two children.

At the age of 94, she’s still active in the industry. She was last seen in 2018’s Mary Poppins Returns, Buttons, A New Musical Film, and voice-acted a role in Dr. Seuss’ The Grinch. She has multiple Oscar nominations, and for playing dance hall lady as Sibyl Vane in The Picture of Dorian Gray, which earned her a Golden Globe. In 2014, she was given an honorary Academy Award because of her drama accomplishments.


Arlene Dahl needed the help of lawyers four times when she ended her marriages. However, she’s been blessed with three children and currently married to Marc Rosen since 1984. Arlene started her career in the ’50s and soon became the most successful actress that MGM ever signed. However, when she gave birth to her eldest child, Lorenzo Lamas, she decided to take it slow to spend some time off with her family. She eventually left acting and started her own clothing and lingerie business.

She also worked in an advertising company as an executive member. Adding more to her accomplishments, Arlene has also published her own books. This makes the iconic actress the perfect description of femininity and elegance. Her beauty on the screen was admired by many during the postwar time. Audiences were enchanted by how she carried herself and used her beauty during that time, which gave advantage and life to many character roles.


Ann Blyth is a beautiful musical and film actress, which paves her through an early cinematic career. She is a full-throttle star where she quickly shifted from operettas, comedies, and melodramas. One of the surviving actresses from the Hollywood Golden Age, she is known for her angelic voice, earning her a few spots in musical films. Her concentration is television and musical theater, which runs in their family. Through the years, many classic songs were customized to fit her amazing soprano voice in different stages.

She started her career with Universal and her most iconic role, perhaps as Veda Pierce in the classic Mildred Place back in 1945. She received credits for this role, including an Academy Award Nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Her active years ran from 1933 until 1985. She is 92 years old and seems to be doing fine. We hope she enjoys the years to come!


Cora Sue Collins is one of the few young ones that retired at an early age. She appeared in the 1932 film The Unexpected Father, which was her first role at the age of five. Despite retiring at an early age, she has more than 40 film credits to her name. She retired in 1945. We believe she’s done a lot during her active years. She was one of the sought-after actresses during her time. Cora was one of the few kids who portrayed Scrappy toys. The cartoon character was famous in the 1930s.

Originally, she was cast as Becky Thatcher in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. However, during that time, Tommy Kelly portrayed Tom. She was taller than Tom, so Ann Gillis replaced her part, and she was changed as Amy. She used to be active in the industry until she decided it was time to leave after doing Week-End at the Waldorf. At the time, she just turned 18 years old. Now, Cora is currently 93 years old.


Caren Marsh-Doll started her career as a radio actress and professional dancer back in 1937, just shortly after she finished high school, according to IMDB. Her parents wanted her to finish college, but her dreams pursue to be a dancer. When she learned that there would be an audition at MGM for dancers, she tried her luck and portrayed Eleanor Powell’s Rosalie in 1937. After this breakthrough, it led to more pictures.

Afterward, she became Judy Garland’s double in movies The Wizard of Oz and Ziegfeld Girl. It was a stepping stone to her career, even though she didn’t receive any credit for the first two. Later on, she appeared in more films like Wild Harvest, Best Foot Forward, and Night and Day. She is now over a hundred years old, is one of the surviving cast members of The Wizard of Oz, and appeared in over twelve motion pictures.


Kris Kristofferson is one of the icons of country music. Even in his younger years, he already showcased his talents being a writer. The industry wouldn’t be the same without him. He is most famous for his captivating voice, which stood out in his chosen music genre. Throughout his career, Kris has received many credits to his name. Not only that, but he also won a Golden Globe Award for his participation in the 1976 film A Star is Born.

He has numerous Grammy Nominations and later wins his first Grammy Award for the best country song in 1971, Help Me Make It Through the Night. Did you know that he pursued a military career before becoming a songwriter? He earned the Captain’s badge during his service, according to IMDB. At the age of 84, he is still active in the industry, not letting his advancing age take over his fame and talent.


Another actress with a long-standing career is Gena Rowlands. She has been part of the entertainment industry for more than 60 years. She used to collaborate with her former husband, John Cassavetes, in various films. The seasoned actress won two Golden Globes and four Emmy Awards, which was no surprise given the time she has spent perfecting the craft. She received the high credit of the Honorary Academy Award in 2015. If that is not enough, the Los Angeles Film Critics Association presented her with a lifetime achievement award that same year.

Rowlands was never afraid of playing various roles, such as a successful entertainer or a suburban wife. Even in her late career, she spent it with an authenticity that catches middle-aged women’s attention and eccentric mothers. To younger fans, she was famous for portraying an old woman in the cult-favorite film, The Notebook, directed by her son himself, Nick Cassavetes. She recently turned 90 this year.


Jerry Lee Lewis is an American singer, musician, and pianist mostly known by his nickname, The Killer. His title was given that way because of his enthusiasm and energy during his performances. Lewis also has different stage antics, such as lighting the piano on fire. He gets the credit for being one of the pioneers of rock n’ roll music. He quickly rose to fame because of his exceptional and innovative skills when playing the piano and reached stardom back in the ’50s.

His 1957 hit Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On became his breakthrough song that made him an international star. It was followed by other great hits, like Great Balls of Fire, Breathless and High School Confidential. While there were many criticisms thrown his way about his personal life, he is still considered one of the biggest stars of his time and was never on the brink of bankruptcy. This even made him one of the most influential pianists in history.


Debbie Harry rose to fame for being the lead singer of the new wave band, Blondie. Her blonde hair was her popular feature, along with her incredible talent. The group’s records topped the charts in the U.K. and the U.S. from 1979 and 1981. Aside from her successful music career, she also ventured into acting and appeared in several films and television shows, including Crime Story, The Muppet Show, All I Want, and Elegy. Overall, Debbie has had a successful career run.

She has beautiful white-blond hair, relaxed style, high cheekbones, and become one of the pop music icons. Debbie is one of the few female recording artists that are well-known and paved their way to the top. We hope she has a financial advisor in place to manage her funds for easy retirement life. She still looks stunning at 75 years old and has written many songs in her age.


Margaret O’Brien started her career as a child actress and had a long career run, acting until the 2000s. Imagine her earning at the age of four, increasing with the steady stream of projects going her way. We think she has a sound money management system to have managed her funds at a young age. She earned two Hollywood Walk of Fame stars throughout her career for her appearance on TV and film. Before she officially retired, her last movie was in 2009’s Project Lodestar Sagas.

She did a stint on the radio, too, voicing in the 1948 program Suspense. She was married twice and had a daughter, Mara Tolene Thorsen. She amazingly stopped playing adolescent roles yet continues to be active on the dinner-theatre circuit and TV. Margaret frequently appears in different events as a public speaker and celebrity host. She’s now aged 83 and living a good life.


Christopher Lloyd has been performing in theater, film, and television since 1961, and he gained prominence after portraying Max Taber in the movie One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. His next film project was another hit, portraying a major role in Taxi as Jim Ignatowski. This movie credits him with two Emmy Awards. He won over many audiences and critics with his various off-beat, quirky characters he brought alive on small and big films. Many tried to play being “kooky,” but he always succeeded in his work.

Christopher goes beyond a half-mad stereotype to give the audiences a good laugh with his portrayals. Other notable films he appeared in include Back to the Future, The Legend of the White Horse, and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. At the age of 82, he doesn’t seem keen on retiring, having appeared in the 2018 film Boundaries. He is also set to appear in the upcoming film Welcome to the Pine Grove!


Shirley MacLaine is a stage and film actress, dancer, and author who successfully ran. At the age of 86, she isn’t inclined to retire or slow down. She is also an activist if she’s not performing or writing. Shirley recently appeared in the films Little Mermaid in 2018 and Noelle in 2019. In 2016, she did Wild Oats alongside Jessica Lange. She has accepted a number of TV projects, including Downton Abbey and a few cameos in some episodes of Glee.

As she aged, her characters grew into a cantankerous and usually portrayed sharp-tongued, slightly over-the-top woman, spirited, and frustrated. Shirley can play her characters well and put life to them unbelievably. While she needed her lawyers over contractual disputes, this did not stop her from receiving more projects. You will rarely see her dancing on film but still guess some TV varieties and eventually won various Emmy Awards and more.


Cara Williams was born named Bernice Kamat. This lady is an aspirant, talented, and her blue eyes captivated many audiences. She attended the Hollywood Professional School and soon began performing on radio. At her young age, she started performing throughout the years. When she was 16 years old, she began to land minor roles, which would be the stepping stones to her success. She was happy with small roles like salesgirls, girlfriends, secretaries, and more in those years.

However, one day, her time came, and in her almost 40 years of acting, she has made several film credits to her name. Her brilliant performances were notable in The Defiant Ones and Pete and Gladys. She retired in 1978 and pursued another career as an interior designer in Los Angeles, making her happy until now. While she ended up with a different job, she remained one of the memorable actresses of her time.


Her agents discovered Kathleen Hughes while she was performing on stage for Little Theater in 1948. Her desire to be on film was inspired by a movie that features Donald O’Connor that gave her the impression that acting was fun. Fortunately, the 20th Century Fox offered a lucrative deal, and it wasn’t before long that she found herself in contract with the company. She had several film credits with Universal, too. One of her most notable performances was in a cult horror movie, It Came From Outer Space. 

She also appeared in the hit TV sitcom M*A*S*H alongside Loretta Swit. She has made many television series and portrayed different characters. Kathleen is truly a woman with talents and can quickly bring life to a specific character. She is now 91, but she doesn’t look like her age, carrying a much younger appearance. If there is anything fans want to know about her, it is definitely her life and beauty secrets.


Norman Lloyd has reached the age that many of us possibly wouldn’t make. He is now 106 years old and is considered one of the most respected actors in the film industry, having worked with some of the most notable names during his active years. Norman does not only worked as an actor but also as a producer and director in theater. His name was always popular and respected in the film industry. Many praised him for his work and the way he got along with other people.

He had collaborated with some of the greats, like Alfred Hitchcock, who reportedly was responsible for making his career thriving during World War II. He is considered one of the oldest living make actor, who remains active. He was happily married to Peggy Craven for more than 70 years before she passed away in 2011. As successful as Lloyd would have a financial advisor in place to help him manage his wealth.

Carole King – 78

Popularly known as Carole King, she is considered a music icon, having started her career in the industry in 1958. She initially worked as a Brill Building staff songwriter before pursuing solo recording. Around 118 pop hits are credited to her name, either as the songwriter or co-writer. Her songs often topped the U.K. chargers and Billboard Hot 100. Perhaps, her most successful work was her second album, Tapestry. Over the course of her career, she has released around 25 albums.

She received credits for her contribution to the music industry, including four Grammys, and was included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Songwriters Hall of Fame. She is now living in retirement at the age of 78. Carole has been in four different marriages. His former husbands are Gerry Goffin, Charles Larkey, Rick Evers, and Rick Sorenson. She also has four children, all of whom are musicians.

Dean Stockwell – 84

After more than seven decades in the acting business, Dean Stockwell is now happily content living his retirement. We believe that he had all his insurance in place before he suffered from a health issue back in 2015. This was the trigger point for the actor to finally step back from the limelight. Stockwell started out as a child actor appearing in films like Anchors Aweigh and The Green Years. He was nominated as the Best Supporting Actor at the Academy Awards for his Married to the Mob performance.

Stockwell, despite being an accomplished actor at the time, attended UC Berkeley to complete his studies. However, he eventually dropped out after a year. He said he became unhappy during his time in college and had trouble getting along with people. His choice to quit school and go back to acting surely paid off, considering that he still has projects to this day.

 Dave Attenborough – 94

Sir David Attenborough is famous for his writing and narrating. He is a well-known broadcaster and Naturalist historian, known for narrating different hit documentaries, such as Natural World, Blue Planet II, and Planet Earth II. He has received many honors, including the highest orders of Commonwealth realms for his contributions. At the age of 94, he is still working on a few projects. We think that his retirement benefits during his active years will be huge by the time he finally decides to retire.

No one is more qualified than Sir Attenborough to narrate those previous projects from his past years. As a well-educated man, he has around 32 honorary degrees from various British Universities. He also has a Doctor of Philosophy from the prestigious University of Oxford. Without a doubt, learning different things from the perspective of someone like Sir Attenborough man is truly a delight. Fans will surely wait for his next projects.

David McCallum – 87

David McCallum rose to international stardom after portraying secret agent Illya Kuryakin in the hit TV series The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Later on, he became a cast member of another hit TV show, NCIS. His performance as Donald Ducky Mallard was one of the most notable. He is now 87 years old and it looks he has no plans of slowing down, continuing receiving different projects. He has renewed his contract with the venerable CBS drama series in 2018.

We think that his retirement investments are amassing a fortune since he has no signs of slowing down even though he’s nearing 90. David was once married to Jill Ireland, who used to be an actress in London. They had three sons: Jason, Paul, and Valentine. He later remarried in 1967 to Katherine Carpenter and had two kids with her. Together with his current acting projects, David is also active to in helping charitable organizations.

Glynis Johns – 97

You may remember Glynis Johns if you are a fan of the classic movies. The stunning and talented singer was a cast member of Mary Poppins back in 1964. She portrayed the fan-favorite Winifred Banks. She quickly learned the basics of acting, and before long, she became one of the prolific actresses of all time. She earned several credits to her name during her career spanning six decades. That includes a Tony Award and an Academy Award nomination for her performance in The Sundowners back in 1960.

She’s been married four times and is now happily retired at the age of 97. Glynis Johns has been in four different marriages. Johns was first married to Anthony Forwood for six years. The marriage gave Johns her only child, who was also an actor, Gareth Forwood. She also used to be married to a Royal Navy Officer, a businessman, and writer Elliot Arnold back in 1964.

Clint Eastwood – 90

Clint Eastwood is considered as one of the icons in Hollywood, starring in classic hits such as Million Dollar Baby, Man With No Name trilogy, and Dirty Harry. Eastwood became a prolific actor and musician and then ventured into filming, starring in his own self-directed projects. He was recognized for his works in Letters from Iwo Jima and Mystic River. In his years in the industry, he made investments to put up his own production company, called Malpaso Productions.

Aside from his popularity, he is known to take care of his health and makes an effort to be fit. That may be the reason he is well at the age of 90.Even at the age of 90, Clint Eastwood still has a lot of money to fuel and jump on any business that he wants. His $375 million net worth can certainly help him continue a lavish and accomplished Hollywood life. Considering that he once worked a ton of odd jobs back in the day, earning $375 million throughout his career must feel incredibly good.

Jane Withers – 94

Jane Withers went back as far as the ’30s. Millennials may not know her, but your grandparents may be familiar with her name. She was one of the many successful child stars back in the day. There wasn’t anyone as talented as her, they say. That means Jane experienced success at an early age. Aside from acting, she also has a beautiful voice. This paved her way to portray Josephine the Plumber for Comet Cleanser commercials in the ’60s. Her deal with the brand was enough to pay off her whole insurance expense.

Later on, she also voice-acted some Disney classics like The Hunchback of Notre Dame. Jane also has a knack for collecting dolls. She treats her dolls as a personal collection as well as a hobby. She was supposed to build a $1 million doll museum in Burbank but was sidetracked. All of the dolls that she collected, six thousand dolls to be exact, were donated to a history museum in California.

Nancy Olson – 92

Believe it or not, Nancy Olson is already 92 years old. Her first project was back in 1949, but her portrayal of Betty Schaefer in Sunset Boulevard made a breakthrough point to her career. For this, she earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress. She has had a good career run in her years in the industry, with lucrative projects sustaining her insurance and retirement needs. She is still looking stunning at her age.

We think that her massive savings from the back days are being used to keep her well and look good. Nancy was once the third wife of the famous lyricist Alan Jay Lerner. The two were blessed with two daughters, named Jennifer and Liza. Sadly, their beautiful love story came to an end in 1957. She later remarried to Capitol Records executive Alan Livingston and had one son named Christopher, although their marriage also ended.

Tippi Hedren – 90

Tippi Hedren maybe 90 years old now, but she still has one of the most stunning faces from the early days until today. She started as a fashion model and then ventured into the acting world. This was after she was discovered by the famous film director Alfred Hitchcock. She acted in his film titled The Birds, which earned her a Golden Globe. From here, she started to rise into international fame. Although she didn’t attend any formal acting school, she managed to become one of the most successful actresses.

She may have had her fair share of film flops, but overall she sustained her career. We hope she did make some investments to enjoy in her 90s. She also accepted any low-budget cinema or television role after her time in Roar. This move was to use her talent and platform as an investment to help raise funds for her foundation. Her foundation aims to provide care, shelter, and protection for all the animals on the Shambala Preserve.

Sharon Gless – 77

Sharon Gless became a familiar name after she appeared in her first show, Switch. She portrayed Maggie Philbin until the late ’70s. However, it was when she did Cagney & Lagney that her career got a huge break. This role launched her career to stardom. It was at this time that she also met her husband, Barney Rosenzweig. Soon after, they got married in 1991. At the age of 77, she is still open to projects. Her latest projects include Once Fallen, Burn Notice, and the Casualty series.

We believe she had more than enough credits in her bank account to live a comfortable retirement. Sharon is also no stranger to excellent theatrical work. She recently starred as Jane Juska in A Round-Heeled Woman. One could say that her stage experiences are extensive, even appearing on stage with Bill Paterson in London’s West End. Despite being the retirement age, she’s had a string of recent projects from 2015 to 2019.

Jackie Mason – 92

Jackie Mason came a long way before becoming a comedian. He got a degree in English and Sociology and eventually became a Rabbi at first. However, he ultimately realized that his sermons were becoming funnier as time went by. It took him a long time to recognize his talent. When his father passed away, he decided to pursue becoming a full-time comedian. It was one of the best decisions he has ever made, though, as he became renowned worldwide for his comic style.

Jackie also ventured out into different platforms, and doing voiceovers was one of them. He then won an Emmy award for his voiceover performance in The Simpsons, playing the role of Rabbi Krustofsky. As of today, Jackie has continued his habit of venturing out into different platforms and is currently trying out video blogging. His YouTube channel now has over 200 self-written Vlog entries in which he shares his thoughts on current events and politics.

Sidney Poitier – 93

Sidney Poitier is one of the few ones who made history. In his years in the industry, he received spectacular credits for his brilliant performances. He earned an Oscar and a Golden Globe for his performance in the 1963 film Lilies of the Field. He became the first Bahamian and African-American actor who won prestigious awards. Now, Sidney is considered one of the greatest male stars by the American Film Institute.

He is now 93 years old, and his last project was a documentary about the singer Sammy Davis, Jr. Today, young actors look up to Sidney up to this day. In addition, Sidney has been in several marriages throughout his whole life. He married Juanita Hardy back on April 29, 1950, until 1965. He then purchased a house that sheltered his family in Stuyvesant, New York. He married a couple more times and has six daughters, four of whom are with his first wife.

 Bob Newhart – 91

Bob Newhart is a stand-up comedian-turned-actor. He gained worldwide prominence with his comic album The Button-Down Mind Of Bob Newhart, which topped the Billboard pop charts. Did you know that this also became an international bestseller? Just like many golden actors back in the days, he was raised as a Catholic. Bob took a business management course though he didn’t manage to complete it. While he didn’t finish university, he earned a Primetime Emmy for his brilliant performance on The Big Bang Theory.

Bob is famous for his iconic deadpan delivery. He also had a slight stammer that he used into the persona, which later paved the way to a successful career. He used his talent as an investment, which eventually paid off throughout his time in the business. He had some of the most famous comedic routines in the industry. Some of these iconic routines are “The Driving Instructor,” “Defusing a Bomb,” “The Retirement Party,” “A Friend With A Dog,” and many more. Overall, Bob has had a fantastic career.

Shirley Jones – 86

Shirley Jones has been a constant cast in one musical after another back in the ’50s and ’60s. She has an incredible voice and brilliant acting skills, which made her one of the sought-after actresses on stage. She’s performed in Carousel and Oklahoma! She then appeared on The Partridge Family series. At the age of 86, she doesn’t show any signs of fully retiring yet. She reportedly has upcoming projects in 2021. With her steady stream of income, it’s no wonder she’s worth $25 million now.

We hope she has a good financial advisor to help her manage her funds and live comfortably during her retirement. Talking about her personal life, Shirley married Jack Cassidy back on August 5, 1956. Their marriage brought three sons, Shaun, Patrick, and Ryan, but children aren’t the only thing that resulted from their wedding. Both worked on eight albums together. After they parted ways, Shirley tied the knot with Marty Ingels on November 13, 1977.

George Hamilton – 81

George Hamilton started his career back in the late ’50s as an actor on TV and film. At the age of 81, he is still accepting projects and does not seem inclined to retire. He had a recurring role in the TV series American Housewife until this year. Hamilton was famous for starring in some of the most memorable films, particularly Zorro: The Gay Blade. He has more than 100 acting credits to his name.

With his steady stream of income, he’s now accumulated around $20 million net worth. George also ventured into business, which let him continue making money. He launched a skincare system called the George Hamilton Skin Care System and George Hamilton Sun Care System & Tanning Salons. He also is an avid cigar aficionado, which eventually led him to open a cigar lounge bar with his name on it in a hotel in Las Vegas.

Robert Clary – 94

Did you know that Robert Clary was planning to finish his art degree at the Paris Drawing School? This was before World War II, and everything changed. He was deported to a Nazi concentration camp in 1942 and was eventually freed in 1945. When he was liberated, he spent time honing his talent, particularly in singing. Later on, he produced his own records, which became a huge hit both in the U.S. and France. He eventually traveled to the U.S. to launch his acting career. His most notable appearances would be on the TV show Hogan’s Heroes.

In his later years, Robert Clary is an avid investor in life itself. He has spent years touring the U.S. and Canada while speaking about his first-hand experience of the Holocaust. He also paints in his spare time, painting all the photographs of the sceneries during his travels. Today, Robert is currently living in his house in Beverly Hills. He’s retired, an artist, and is religiously maintaining his backyard Parisian garden.

 Tony Bennett – 94

Tony Bennett had a rough time in his younger years. He had to support his family back in college and did not finish his degree at New York’s School of Industrial Art. However, that did not stop him from pursuing his passion for singing. While he did odd jobs to support his family, he continued to perform in amateur gigs all over town. At the age of 94, he has won 19 Grammy Awards and two Emmys.

He is one of the most talented the industry has seen. One of his songs was featured in the 2017 musical short, Landstrykeren. Tony also has several different talents and hobbies. He is a painter and has had his fair share of success painting. He paints under his real name Anthony Benedetto and has had his work exhibited in numerous galleries across the globe. Some of his paintings and drawings even sold for $80,000 apiece.

Marsha Hunt – 103

Marsha Hunt is a retired actress and model, and she’s now over a century, living strong at 103 years old. She pursued a degree in drama back in college. However, she couldn’t find a program to enhance her talent, so she opted to try modeling while taking acting classes. Her last project was in the 2008 TV movie Empire State Building Murders. Although she still appeared in a number of documentaries, she starred in her own, called Marsha Hunt’s Sweet Adversity. This featured the song that she wrote 40 years ago, titled Here’s To All Who Love.

Her century of life and success enabled her to engage in humanitarian work. She became aware of the third world hunger issues back in 1955 and since then encouraged people to join the fight against starvation. Her humanitarian work also extended to homelessness as she founded “San Fernando Valley Mayor’s Fund for the Homeless.” She has lived a selfless life throughout her illustrious and successful acting and modeling career.

Mickey Kuhn – 88

Mickey Kuhn is a famous child actor back in the ’30s and ’40s. His most memorable role, perhaps, would be the one in Gone With The Wind. He was just seven years old at the time. He is only cast member of the film living today. Mickey is now 87 years old. At the end of his acting career, he appeared on a few episodes of the TV show Alfred Hitchcock Presents. He then pursued an entirely different career: commercial aviation.

He worked for American Airlines when he decided to leave the film business. His attachment to the flying industry cannot be questioned as he was in the Navy from 1951 to 1955 as an aircraft electrician. As of today, he’s retired and is currently living in Naples, Florida. He’s now an active member of his community. Mickey often does volunteer work , spending his time at a local hospital for four hours. We hope he had good money management habits to allow him to live comfortably during his retirement.

 Gloria Henry – 97

Perhaps one of the upsides of appearing on TV shows is that fans would remember you for quite a while. This is the case of Gloria Henry. She was part of a fantastic sitcom Dennis the Menace, back in the earlier days. She played Alice on the show and portrayed exceptional acting skills. She attended and pursued a degree, but we couldn’t be sure if she were able to get it. After the said hit TV series, her career seemed to slow down, and she only appeared in a few projects.

Her last role was on Parks and Recreation back in 2012. She is now retired and 97 years old. There’s nothing much we know about Gloria’s off-screen life. She kept most parts like net worth and ownerships private. She was married twice, once to Robert D. Lamb back in 1943 and Craig Ellwood in 1949. Both marriages ended up in a bad fate, but she had three children with Ellwood named Jeffrey, Adam, and Erin.

Jimmy Lydon – 97

Did you know that Jimmy Lydon never intended to enter the film industry? Yes, his career as an actor happened only by chance. Even if he’d wanted to, his family couldn’t afford to send him to a film school. In fact, he had to lie about his past work experience to get auditions. You could say it was some sort of practice in acting because he was able to convince some. He first landed a role in Broadway titled Western Waters. He honed his craft further through his next projects.

He now has over 150 acting credits and is considered one of the greatest. Jimmy has had his fair share of film and TV appearances. One would naturally assume that his career earnings allowed him to accumulate numerous businesses. He was married to Patricia Pernetti in the late 1940s. Sadly, their love story ended, and he tied the knot again with Betty Nedell in 1952. He’s currently living retirement life in San Diego County together with their two daughters and two granddaughters.

Virginia Patton – 95

Virginia Patton is a former actress and a retired entrepreneur. She was pursuing a degree at the University of Southern California when she decided to audition for a few acting projects. She only spent a few years in the industry and had a number of film projects to her name. Her early career involved her in collaborating with screenwriter William C. DeMille. Patton also had a string of insignificant film roles before her success in It’s A Wonderful Life in 1946.

The film gave Patton the spark she needed after being the only woman signed to do the movie by the legendary Frank Capra.  She retired from acting in the late ’40s with her last film, The Lucky Stiff. Virginia focused on raising her own family with her husband Cruise W. Moss. However, a year away from their 70th anniversary, her husband met his demise in 2018. Virginia is now 95 years old.

Marcy McGuire – 94

Marcy McGuire may have a short career, but she makes her roles memorable to her audience. She has a total of 11 film credits before she stepped back from the limelight. McGuire signed a contract with RKO pictures, subsequently allowing her to be cast in her first film while she was sixteen. The film was Seven Days’ Leave, which was released back in 1942. She then proceeded to star in a string of films collaborating with known figures like Frank Sinatra and Lucille Ball.

There are also many other films that she should receive praise for, but she still decided to leave the industry to focus on her family.It was not revealed why she opted to retire from her film career as she was doing great with it. She married actor Wally Cassell back in 1947, which could be why she retired from acting. Her last appearance was in the 1963 film Summer Magic.

Marilyn Knowlden – 94

Marilyn Knowlden started as a child actor and became famous back in the early ’30s. She then left the industry to focus on her education. Her last performance was in Broadway Rhythm back in 1944. She then attended Mills College to get a college degree in music and drama. We think this was a good move, especially that she turned out to be an accomplished playwright. She also took a lead role in the play My Fair Lady, even at the age of 70. In 2011, she published her memoir titled Little Girl in Big Pictures.

Her success gives Marilyn numerous achievements in her resume. One of which is a Lifetime Achievement Award at the Cinecon Classic Movies Festival in 2010. Accordingly, the award’s presenter was Marsha Hunt, an actress who she worked and appeared in the 1936 film Easy to Take. She continues to be a part of projects, no matter how big or small, despite being well into her retirement. Today, Marilyn is 94 years old.

Line Renaud – 92

Line Renaud is a famous French singer, actress, and activist. She started her music career in the ’40s, when she was just a teenager. Her voice was just too brilliant to escape the attention of many. Before long, she became famous, and she received big projects such as Moulin Rouge, which helped launch her career further. She was then invited to different shows in Los Angeles and New York, so we could say she had a steady stream of income at a young age.

When the ’80s came, her earnings increased when she landed a lead role in a show called Telle est Line. She still acts at over 90 years of age. She worked on Huguette back in 2019. We hope she set aside some retirement investment should she decide to stop working someday.Line married Loulou Gasté in 1950 and has stayed with Gasté until he was gone in 1995.

Carleton Carpenter – 94

Carleton Carpenter is overall talented in that he finds success in whatever things he pursues. He started first as an actor, landing mostly on supporting roles. He had a few films to his name and then he moved on to writing songs. Afterwhich, he started writing novels and became very successful at it back in the ’70s. A decade later, one of his books was adapted into a Broadway musical. He was still spotted performing on stage in 2015.

After a year, Carleton wrote and published his own autobiography, The Absolute Joy of Work. Carleton also had his fair share of exciting jobs and ventures. He once served as a Seabee for the Navy during World War II. His stint with the Navy earned him credit for his participation in building the airstrip that “Enola Gay”, the plane that bombed Hiroshima, took off for its flight. He is now 94 years old.

Betty Lynn – 94

Betty Lynn is a retired actress but started enhancing her talent in singing when she was at a very young age. It was her mother who taught her to sing. She looked up to her maternal grandfather as her own dad. Lynn started her career in radio before moving to Broadway. She eventually made her way into the big screen, landing her first film project in Sitting Pretty back in 1948. She officially retired in 2006.

Betty Lynn once bought a house in Los Angeles as an investment. She later had her mother and grandparents move into the house, giving her the off-screen caretaker role and a breadwinner. Betty never married, though she once said that she had been engaged. She also makes it a point to meet and socialize with her fans through her monthly appearances at the Andy Griffith Museum in North Carolina. She is now 94 years old, and we hope she is enjoying her retirement.

Dusty Anderson – 102

Dusty Anderson is one of the few surviving ones from the Golden Age of Hollywood. She started her career as a model in her early days. She first appeared as one of the cover girls in the 1944 Columbia Pictures production Cover Girls, alongside Rita Hayworth. In the next couple of years, Dusty appeared in a few more films, mostly in supporting roles, adding another eight film credits to her name. She was one of the pin-up girls during World War II.

According to Wikipedia, she grazed the pages of the United States Military Yank magazine in the October 1944 issue. Some of her notable appearances include Crime Doctor’s Warning and The Phantom Thief. Anderson was married twice, and it was when she tied the knot with director Jean Negulesco that she retired from acting and settled back in Paris. Her short selected filmography also included Tonight and Every Night and Singing on the Rail.

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